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       Brenna Quigley

Photo By Ted Vance, The Source Imports

Brenna is committed to thoughtfully applying the science of geology to the world of wine through both education and hands on vineyard investigations.

She works with wine professionals in all areas of the trade, from growers in France to importers and buyers in the US, in order to precisely define the most impactful elements of their terroirs in a relevant and approachable manner.

Brenna received her Bachelor’s Degree in Aquatic Biology and Geology from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012, where she stayed on to earn her Masters in Geology with Dr. Phil Gans in 2015. Her research focused on geologic mapping and structural geology (how and why rocks deform). She has also worked extensively in the mining industry where she further developed her skills in geologic mapping and interpretation, soil sampling, and geophysical surveying.


During her time at UCSB, Brenna spent her free time exploring the wine country of Santa Barbara, and began working at her favorite tasting room on the weekends. It was there, working with Seth and Magan Kunin that she fell in love with the wine industry and the complex concept of terroir.

Recently, Brenna has had the great privilege of working with The Source Imports as well as Becky Wasserman & Co. to explore and research the terroirs of France. Her current projects take her all over the world from her backyard at Domaine de la Côte in Lompoc, CA, to further investigations in Spain, Austria, Germany, and Italy.

Brenna's newest project is a terroir audio guide that will drive you through the terroirs of your favorite wine regions. For more information on this project, please visit
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