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Vineyard Mapping and Assessments

Initial Vineyard/Parcel Assessment:

  • Thorough description of the terroir of individual vineyards or parcels.

  • Includes compilation and explanation of existing maps in addition to personal observations.

Detailed Terroir Analyses:

  • Vineyard investigations look at the existing geology, topography, plantings, and wine expressions to develop functional terroir units.

Terroir Mapping:

  • Complete terroir assessment breaks down vineyards into functional terroir units.

  • Final terroir map of study area includes clear descriptions and explanations of terroir units and their unique properties.

For more information including pricing and availability
please email:
*Please Note: I am not a licensed professional geologist with the Board of Professional Land Surveyors, Engineers, and Geologists (BPLSEG), and do not conduct any technical geology or soil surveying. We are happy to refer you to a local PG whom we recommend. Please inquire for more information.

Photo by Michael Sager

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