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Vineyard Mapping and Assessments

Initial Vineyard/Parcel Assessment:

  • Thorough description of the terroir of individual vineyards or parcels.

  • includes compilation and explanation of existing maps in addition to personal observations.

Detailed Terroir Analyses:

  • Vineyard investigation including breakdown of geologic units and auger soil sampling and analyses.

  • Analyses include: pH, grain size distribution, major/trace elements, clay identification.

  • Data summaries and results presented in clear, approachable, and readily accessible explanations.

Terroir Mapping:

  • Complete terroir assessment breaks down vineyards into functional terroir units based on geology, soil, and physical properties.

  • Mapping based on analyses described above.

  • Final terroir map of study area includes clear descriptions and explanations of terroir units and their unique properties.

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Photo by Michael Sager

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